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What if you could go backwards in time?

Meet me at NooN is a time manipulation turn-based puzzle-platformer with Tenet inspired mechanics.

Control two characters, create perfect time loops and solve brain melting time puzzles.

"The starting idea was: what would be the movie Tenet if it was a puzzle game"
- Alex from Pandaroo Interactive

Turn & Grid based platformer

A timeline is showing how much turns you have to solve a level.
You can do one action by turn.

You have four actions: You can move horizontally with left or right input, jump with up and wait a turn with down.


There are two symbols disposed in the level: a sun and a moon.

To solve the levels you simply need to have the two characters on their corresponding symbol at the same time.

Day & Night, the twins spirits

You control two characters: one during the day, one during the night.

They sure look like twins but they have unique behaviors. It's up to you to discover how to use their distinctiveness at your advantage.

Time loop and playback

Each move you do with a character are recorded and will be played back while you're controlling the other character. It's like creating small time loops for each character.

Beware, the playback is not the same for our two spirits: The day-one will rewind its actions and the night-one will replay its own actions.

No pressure

You can't lose and there is no time constraint in the game. If you make a mistake, navigate the timeline and go back in time !

Complex interactions

The characters can interact with each other and these interactions will be recorded too creating complex playback pattern.

Intertwine their timelines to solve brain-melting puzzles.


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